1)Define and describe the crime control model and the due process model. Please be sure to identify how each model benefits the criminal justice, the main goals of each model, and describe how each model ties into the core value of responsible stewardship. (Points: 10)

2)What have scholars learned about criminal behaviour by women? (Points: 10)

3)Define and describe the 13 different steps of the criminal justice process. (Points: 10)

4)What has the Supreme Court ruled regarding police use of deadly force? (Points: 10)

5)What are the eras of policing in the United States and what are the characteristics of each? (Points: 10)

6)define the six types of crime in the criminal justice system. Identify which type of crime is the most common and what law enforcement is doing to control it. (Points: 10)

7)Describe the six different theories of criminality. Be sure to identify what the main goals of each theory are and how each theory is implemented in the criminal justice system. (Points: 10)

8)compare and contrast criminal law and civil law.

9)Identify what elements of human rights are protected by the following amendments: (1) 14th, (2) 5th, (3) 6th, and (4) 8th. (Points: 10)

10)Define the exclusionary rule and identify its importance to the criminal justice system. Be sure to describe the exceptions to the rule. (Points: 10) Law homework help