Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
Gender stereotypes have become so common in media. There has been an argument that most of the aspects that are presented in the media tend to depict women and men in a way that makes them support some stereotypes. One of the areas that have been accused of portraying the stereotypes is in the advertisement (Cheryan et al., 49). Most of the ads seem to describe men as being healthy and leaders while the women are portrayed as weak and that the focus should be more on their looks rather than other things. One good example that seems to be portrayed commonly in media is that boys or men should not be emotional. One such character that has seemed to represent this quality is the Joker.
There is also the misconception in the media that seems to make men look healthy and the silent type. The media has often focused on preparing men to appear as they are in charge, acting diversely and succeeding women (Hooghes et al., 397). The assumption seems to reinforce the idea that talking about one’s feelings shows one’s weakness and that men should always be in control (El Ouirdi, Mariam, et al. 416). While some of these misconceptions are presented subtly, some cases seem to be too open. The media need to understand the effect that they are performing with this content. It is essential to ensure that stereotypes are no longer in the media.

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