Sociology- Racism

I. Depending on the edition of the textbook you are using please match the correct chapter you are supposed to be reading with the syllabus and essay topics by question. Please read chps. first chapter and powerpoints on Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Race and Ethnicity on the course homepage, and related fyi websites on Race and Ethnicity, Eugenics, and Social Darwinism (included with the essay question) to respond to the following:
(use as many key terms from each chapter as you can and give concrete examples to let me know you have read the material. in addition to your textbook, use any other website information i may post with each discussion question. i realize you do not have the benefit of my lectures for this online course, so it is up to you to ‘convince’ me you know the material. we depend a lot on you for this type of course. that is evident in the quality and quantity of your writing. too little not good and too much not necessarily needed. some of what we do will require you give back information that you read and some of what we do allows you to give your opinions. just remember to be courteous in your declaration of your opinion, as we have all types of students who have diverse personal experiences. so, you never know who is reading your response and may be affected by what you have to say. but, most importantly try to enjoy learning something you may not have known before, either from the textbook or me, and from each other! dr. b. :)))
Address the question, “Who Am I?” What do you understand race and ethnicity to be? What is a subordinate group and how do they come into existence? Distinguish between prejudice and discrimination and cite examples of different types of discrimination. Why does prejudice and discrimination exist? What should we do to stop it? Identify elements of assimilation and pluralism in contemporary society. Describe examples of resistance and change to these processes. (you may use personal experiences or knowledge of others’ experiences in all discussion question responses)

Video: Eugenics law victims seek justice

Social Darwinism