1.Society offers large amounts of money and prestige in order to encourage the best qualified and most intelligent members of society to fill the most demanding and important positions. In sociology this is known as (Points : 1) false consciousness. assimilation. credentialism. Davis-Moore theory. Question 2.2.________________ refers to sexual relations between individuals who are not yet married. (Points : 1) Hypersexuality Homophobia Premarital sex Intersex Question 3.3.The assumption that economic success is determined only by skill and ability is called (Points : 1) knowledge. zero-sum game. meritocracy. wisdom. Question 4.4.According to the 2012 census estimates, what percentage of White people live in poverty (Points : 1) 40% 30% 10% 20% Question 5.5.For Weber, _______________ is an economic change that one can attempt to make on the open market. (Points : 1) party authority class status Question 6.6.______________ are the long-term unemployed who have stopped looking for work and are often not counted in the official unemployment statistics. (Points : 1) Absolute impoverished Undocumented workers Relatively employed Discouraged workers Question 7.7.The idea of gender as a performance that presents oneself as either male or female to society is known as (Points : 1) cisgender. heteronormative. intersexed. doing gender. Question 8.8.Richard LaPiere traveled the United States with a Chinese couple at a time of great hostility toward Asians in the United States, yet there was little discrimination shown toward the couple. At the conclusion of the trip, LaPiere contacted the hotels and restaurants where they had stopped and was told by most of them that Asians were not welcome in their establishments. From this LaPiere determined (Points : 1) the hotel and restaurant employees were lying. that prejudice does not always lead to discrimination. his traveling companions were “not very Asian looking” and therefore did not arouse the feelings of hatred. the feelings toward Asians had worsened after he had completed his journey. Question 9.9.Jobs that are traditionally filled by women such as a elementary school teacher, secretary, nurse, and flight attendant, are generally referred to as (Points : 1) pink collar jobs. glass ceiling jobs. token employment. second-shift jobs. Question 10.10.According to Wolff (2012), what percent of all wage earners in the United States have zero or negative wealth (Points : 1) 40% 2% 21% 8%