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Sample Argumentative Essay on the Death Penalty .It is a bit challenging to work on these type of essay. Embracing the work without considering the input of professor could be futile. Research work involves acknowledgement of intellectual property and therefore serious considerations are required on what to include or discard. Death penalty is a serious topic in America hence ethical aspects plays a significant role when handling such.
Sample Shakespeare Essay. Literally work is always engaging and communicates to the audience through words. Shakespeare work could be one of the most interesting depending on the approach it is given. The essay exposes the reader to the vast expertise and command of language employed. Basically it focuses on marginalization of women, who are considered vulnerable group. It evidently show disconnect which exist between traditional view point of women in the society and the current standards they uphold.
Example Essay on the Legal Drinking Age. A heated debate exist in United states concerning recommended age for drinking. Young people believe that drinking ages should be lowered which contradict opinions of the senior citizens. The old holds drinking age to be raised to 21 years while youth asserts to remain 18 years. Exploring the essay gives wider scope to view the topic.
Abortion Rights Essay – Courtesy of Bishops Writing Bureau. Abortion is regarded illegal In some of the nations. It is one of the complex topic to handle since it evokes diversified emotions. Some of the people have negative views concerning abortion while others cannot be classified where they side. This essay sheds light on the policies which defend the act. Irrespective of supporting the act or not, this essay gives a summary of discussion concerning abortion. It codify argument for both sides giving more insight to the topic.
Gay Rights Essay by Bishops Writing Bureau. Gayism is becoming a major point of concern for religious organization. It was first identified in United State in 1990s. Since then, it has intruded other nations slowly, until its recent explode. Seeking for equality, they have constantly demonstrated and justified their movement. This paper will take you through the entire Gay movement in United State and learn what they claim to be recognized. Stepwise approach is taken after every section, with current policies regarding the movement.
Poverty Essay from Essaycola. Poverty is state of insufficient resources among individuals or nation as a whole. International attention has been drawn towards mitigating then severity of poverty. Developing nations are at receiving end to the impacts of this condition. Mismanagement of resources and high levels of corruption have been cited as the major source of this condition. The essay outlines various arguments regarding poverty, evaluating its consequences and ways to combat it.

Research papers.
Model Research Paper on Social Activism .social activism is one of the less considered aspect in most of the nations. However, nations which have embraced it such as United State have turned out to best place to live. People are free to demonstrate against oppression and persecution, with the aim of respecting human rights. This gives a clear distinct between developed and developing nations. The paper outlines social activism in United State, by focusing on some lesser movements which are not widely known with their significance. The outcome of such movements are detailed give more significance of social activism.
Poetry and Psychology – Sample Research Paper. Poetry work is aimed to reflect the happenings in the society. It is such a rich source of information and artistry since it can be acted as well as spoken. Psychoanalysis work examines the society as a whole and covers pertinent elements which are essential for coexistence. The paper applies the lens of religion in relation to poetry.
Bishops Writing Bureau Research Paper on Gun Control.Firearms are classified as handguns, rifles and shotguns. The incidences of increased terrorism in the world has caused tension. Many aspects of gun control are best measured through survey. The accuracy of the survey is dependent upon respondents providing true information to some questions which are controversial and incriminating. This research paper gives definition of gun control and highlights various legislation which are available to control the usage.
Women’s Rights in the Workplace – Sample Writing. Women rights discrimination includes many facets such as the right to work if pregnant. Debate concerning the inclusion of women in activities which are considered male dominated has been discussed in serious forums in the United State. Employers reliance on gender stereotype keeps women off in areas where they can as well deliver. Research identifies that women lack parity with men in earning which is discouraging. The paper comprehensively and meticulously documents facts regarding the issue.
Model Research Paper on Muslims in America. Muslims in America have found themselves in the miasma of being classified as terrorist. Most criminal activities are speculated to emanate from the Islamic state. Irrespective of good protection that U.S enjoys compared to middle East and Europe, they have found themselves in fear of terrorism attack. Muslims in this nation are treated differently and with cautious as opposed to its citizens. This work evaluate association of Muslims with terrorism activities.
Bishops Writing Bureau Research Paper on the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict. It pitted the bad regime of communist. This divisive war is commonly unpopular in home country and therefore people less understand it. There is little knowledge among the people about it and the reasons for it happening. The paper details the motivation of U.S indulging into this protracted conflict.

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