Assessment Task 1 – Project For this assessment you must complete the following project. This project forms part of your assessment for this unit and should be completed and presented in a professional manner.


Please ensure you complete each of the tasks below and submit them with the assessment cover sheet attached. You must accurately reference all of your external sources of information. You are employed as the Marketing Manager for Harvey Norman Australia. It is your responsibility to work collaboratively and in consultation with the purchasing department to coordinate the marketing campaigns that are presented on television and brochures. For this project you will need to address the following elements: Task 1 Discuss briefly: 1.

The main elements to be included in the research policies and procedures that is to be followed by the research contractor, 2. The main elements to be covered when you internally develop a Market Research project plan 3. The process to gain funding approval to implement Market Research project plan and work plan Task 2 Market Research is the key to staying ahead of your competition. Most companies work with Market Research organization because they have the level of resources that most retail organizations could only dream of, for the next task you will need to follow the due diligence to select the most suitable contractors. You need to address the following elements: 1. Identify the specific requirements for external consultants to follow in the Market Research project plan 2. Outline the products that your organization would like the research conducted on 3. Discuss the ways of qualifying external consultants from there the potential consultants could be selected 4. Discuss the process involved and elements covered when selecting and contracting external consultant Task 3

Now that you have appointed the Market Research the organisation you will need to negotiate with the company the timelines and the milestones for this project. This includes achieving an agreed frequency of reports from the marketing organization and what it is they will be reporting on. This part of the project requires you to respond to how you will: 1. Monitor the activities of the Market Research organisation to confirm adherence to your agreed Market Research project plan and work plans and consistency with organizational Market Research policy and procedures 2. Outline what you would expect the marketing organization to communicate to you at the milestone meetings concerning the progress of the plan Task 4 Every part of this project is important, however, the significance of conducting a complete and thorough evaluation cannot be overstated. You will need to communicate your findings on the services provided by the marketing research company to your key stakeholders as well. 1. How would you confirm the accuracy of information and results determined by the Market Research organization? 2. How would you compare the results of the research against research objectives outlined in Market Research project plan? 3. How would you gauge stakeholder satisfaction with the research process and findings? 4. How would you conduct a review of the research process for the purpose of continuous improvement? 5. What process would you use to implement modifications if required?