Personal Philosophy Of Education
This assignment will allow you to articulate your own philosophy of education and
organize the bits and pieces of a lifetime of being a student and observing the world
around you. By bringing your philosophy of education to a conscious level, thinking
carefully about it, challenging your assumptions, and organizing your ideas into a written
statement, you will have a solid foundation on which to begin teaching. A welldeveloped sense of purpose, values, and underlying beliefs about teaching and learning
will help to maintain focus throughout your teaching career.
To complete this assignment,
1. Think about your own approach and experiences in education. Make a list of
all of the things that are important to you as a student and to you as a teacher
or future teacher. Consider why you think these elements are important.
What will you do as a teacher to ensure that these important factors are
present in your classroom and are reflected in your instructional strategies and
classroom-management techniques?
2. Read about the major philosophies of education: Essentialism, Perennialism,
Progressivism, and Social Reconstructionism. There are others, but these
four represent a broad range of general recognized educational philosophies and
should serve as a good starting place by which you will build your own. You can
find these in the document titled “Four Philosophies: Overview” or you may do
your own research. Explore philosophies that match your beliefs.
3. Write a paper in which you discuss your beliefs in terms of the four
philosophies or others of your choosing, and explain which of these resonates
with you the most and why. Your paper should be well structured and logically
organized to demonstrate how your teaching philosophy (i.e., values and
beliefs) relates to what you will do in the classroom (e.g., instructional
strategies, use of technology, role of collaboration, types of discipline,
respectful rapport). This 2-4 page paper should describe your core beliefs
about teaching and learning and how these beliefs will be enacted in the
classroom. To support your ideas, please provide specific examples and
connect these to at least 1-2 specific philosophies. Remember to cite any
sources in APA format that you used to help you develop your ideas or that
inspired your teaching philosophy.

Personal Education Philosophy

This project will allow you to establish your own educational philosophy and organize the fragments of a lifetime spent learning and watching the world.

you’re surrounded by By elevating your educational philosophy to a conscious level, you will be able to think more clearly.

consider it carefully, questioning your preconceptions, and collecting your thoughts into a written report

You’ll have a great base to build on when you start teaching. A strong sense of purpose, values, and underlying teaching and learning principles

will assist you in staying focused throughout your career as a teacher.

In order to finish this task,

1. Consider your own educational style and experiences. Make a list of everything you want to do.