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History Essay

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More often than not teachers and lecturers alike ask students to write a history essay. Basically, a history essay focuses on a past human event from a given point of view. Similar to writing other types of essays, the process of writing an essay in the field of history begins with reading and understanding the issued instruction and the given essay topic. It is therefore such a grave mistake to hurriedly rush into beginning writing the first draft of your work without first understanding the kind of work that you  are expected to come up with. It is also important to note that history essays are supposed to be based on facts and not mere speculations of the writer. You might be relieved to know that we can offer you professional history essay writing help today.

Persuasion is Important when Writing a History Essay

It is worth to note that you are expected to make a coherent argument when writing a history essay. This means that you must include a thesis statement in this type of an essay. In other words, your essay in the discipline of history must be centered on a single theme and this is made possible by including a thesis in the introduction. In order to pursue the reader to agree with your point of view in relation to a given human past then you must be sure to base your argument on verifiable evidence. This means you ought to use credible historical sources of information. As a rule of thumb, you ought to use footnotes or endnotes when citing such information sources used. Why don’t you permit our history essay writers to assist you today? You will most assuredly be impressed by our work.

An Acceptable History Must be Clear and Flow Logically

Notably, reading a history essay should be enjoyable. This means that you should use simple clear language when writing it. Moreover, you must thoroughly proofread it to make sure that it does not contain any errors that might make reading it to be quite difficult. It is also good to note that an impressive essay in the field of history ought to be organized in a logical manner. Usually, the ideas in such an essay are organized chronologically but this does not necessarily mean that they should not flow in a logical manner. Are you aware that our history essay writing help is among the cheapest in the writing industry? Now you know.

History Notes:

Marxian theory of history

Karl Marx developed the historical theory of materialism that explained the relations between human relations and economic activities. According to his theory, economic activities affect social activities and societal organizations. He also argued that change is brought about by changes in modes of production.

African American History

 African Americans descended from slaves transported from Africa during the slave trade era. Most of them came from the western and central side of Africa. They were mostly from the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Bakongo tribe. After their purchase in the shores of Africa. They were shipped through the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America.

Medieval history

The middle age was between the 5th and 15th centuries. It began after the fall of the Roman Empire. Also known as the middle ages. The period is divided into three stages, early, high and late middle ages. It was characterized by mass migrations, population decline, plagues, agricultural and technological innovations.

History of religion

The documentation of the history of religion began after the invention of writing. It can be traced back to the 16th and the 17th century. It is subdivided into three subcategories. Monotheism, polytheism, and pantheism. Polytheism originated from the Hindus. It is the worship of multiple gods. Pantheism is based on the belief that God is in everything. Monotheism is a belief in one God. Abraham is believed to be the father of monotheism.

Renaissance history                                                                        

Renaissance is the period between middle ages and modern civilization. It was characterized by the rediscovery of literature, Greek philosophy, and art. It started in Italy with the discovery of Dante’s writings and Giotto paintings. The greatest artist, authors, and scientists were discovered during this period.  

Ancient history

Ancient history is the documented history of human beings. It began with the beginning of writing. Historians use source texts and archeology to study ancient history. Archeology is the excavation of artifacts to discover the behaviors of the ancient people. Source text is the analysis of texts to discover more about the ways of life of the early people.

Early middle ages

The early middle ages mark the beginning of the medieval period. It is also known as the early medieval stage. This period marks the end of the classical antiquity period. It is characterized by population and trade reduction and mass migration with little literature and scientific evolution.

Contemporary history

Contemporary history is the period after 1945 to the present. Historians analyze this period to understand the present. In America, the period after the period after 1945 is when the cold war started. It later brought about democratization in the United States, Africa, and Latin America.

Maritime history

Maritime history analyzes the history of human interaction with seas, oceans and other waterways. It focuses on shipping, maritime trade, sailors and shipbuilding, and design. The Stone Age population were the first people to develop dugout canoes. They were followed by the Austronesians who developed sailing technologies that later spread to China, South Asia, and the Middle East through trade.

 War history

War history is the analysis of all documented wars in the past. In America, several wars such as World War 1 and World War 11 have been documented. They also engaged in the American civil war against the British who imposed policies that oppressed them.

Political history

Political history is the history of political leadership, events, ideologies, borders, and governments. Political entities have developed from monarchs to democratic states. Political history examines these political entities and styles of leadership. For instance, Egypt was led by dynasties

History of the Middle East.

The Middle East was where civilization began. It was initiated by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia and later spread to other parts such as Egypt. Civilization began in the Middle East because of its convenient waterways that are passable during winter. Europe began showing interest in the region when oil was discovered.

History of Europe.

Europe’s history is categorized in different stages. The Neolithic era is when mass migrations occurred leading to cultural exchange. It was followed by the domination of the Roman Empire, middle ages, renaissance period and modernization. The industrial revolution brought about development in Europe leading to powerful nations colonizing Africa, America, and South Asia.

World history

World history is the study of common patterns among different cultures globally. The study of world history as a subject on its own started officially after the formation of the World History Association. It is also known as global history.

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