The following vocabulary and concepts are very important to understand the readings and assignments for this class. Type your answers for A and B (B in your own words) by clicking below on the item for submission:

A. Define the following Terms:

1). Mainstreaming

2). Full Inclusion

3). Partial Inclusion

4). Regular education initiative

5). Cooperative learning

6). Early intervention

7). Intensive Care Specialist

8). Individualized Family Service Plan

9). IEP (Individualized Education Program)

10). Differentiated Instruction

11). Adaptive Instruction

B. Why is it important for students with disabilities to receive instruction in self-determination, academics, adaptive, functional life skills, and employment preparation during the secondary school years? (a minimum of two paragraphs)

Assignment 1

Operationally Define supervision in Behavior analysis.
Are you interested in becoming a behavior analyst? Why / Why not?
Provide your rational for the type of behavior analysis you would like to do.
What determines supervisor competence? (Use the 2 Articles to support your position).
APA writing standards and No more than 2 pages