Compare and contrast marxism and feminism on family

keep to essay i have provided for you as much as possible, also read comments at the bottom of the essay to see where i lacking and also follow assignment brief Criteria. use Harvard references ( citations, quotes) and use PEE ( point, evidence, back up evidence). and use case studies also as back up. the essay is about compare and contrast Marxism and feminism theories on family.

The overall assessment for this unit consists of two parts. Both elements must be submitted and all assessment criteria met in order to pass this unit and a final overall grade awarded.

Essay question: “Compare and contrast two perspectives of the way society is organised”.


This element requires you to identify research studies which aim to explain the way society is organised, and apply theoretical perspectives in order to evaluate the research. You may use studies from any of the theoretical perspectives studied in the unit.The word count requirement is 1,500 words (+/- 10 %).

It is suggested that you structure your essay as follows:

? Introduction – Introduce the topic and outline what the essay will be exploring (50-100 words).

? Part 1 – Outline perspective one, briefly explaining the perspective and how it accounts for the way society is organised, incorporating real life examples and sociological studies to support the perspective (approx. 400 words)(UAC 1.1).

? Part 2 –Outline the second perspective exploring as an alternative explanation for the way society is organised, incorporating real life example and sociological studies to support the perspective (approx. 400 words) (UAC 1.1).

? Part 3–Compare and contrast the two perspectives, illustrating its similarities and differences, strengths and limitations in order to critically discuss the application of the theories. When critiquing the research studies, you are not required to provide every detail of the research study, just the main findings and how they support the argument you are presenting (approx. 500 words)(UAC 1.2&2.1).

? Conclusion – Summarise what you have written in the main body of the essay and make a judgement as to which perspective provide a more comprehensive explanation of the way society is organised (approx. 100 words).

Both elements must be word processed.Please state the word count at the end of the essay. The reference list should not be included in the word count.

Write your essay based on an audience who are intelligent, but have little knowledge of sociology. Explain concepts clearly and use examples to illustrate key points.

Referencing – You must cite any sources used to write your essay and complete a reference list which using the Harvard reference style. Please start the reference list on a new page at the end of your essay (UAC 4.1).

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