What is derivativemodern history source book name institution date

What is derivativemodern history source book name institution date

what is derivative

Modern History Source Book













Modern History Sourcebook: Dadabhai Naoroji: The Benefits of British Rule, 1871
            Dadabhai Naoroji is based on the significant and the factors that influenced the British rule in India. The British colonial rule was initially seen considered to be ethically a blessing to the native Indians. The British colonial masters were deemed to be of help, as the colonial masters did advocate for equal treatment of people and provided the needed aid in times of disasters
(Tappan, 1918). The equity of the British colonial power wasseen in virtually all sectors, including education. The British colonial rule did also put into consideration the rights and needs of the minority groups and the less fortunate people in the society that included Hindu women that were given permission to remarry.

            The British colonial ethically blessing wasalsoseen in times of disasters like famine and crop infestation by pesticides. The British colonial master worked closely with the local Indians to address these grievances. The action of the British colonial mastersaction in India portrayed the colonial masters to be fair and just while carrying out their daily operations’ in India. In my opinion, the British rule in India didbring about politicalchange in India as itbrought about free will in expression, right to life, right to ownproperty as an individualandprotection against oppression (Tappan, 1918).

            Naoroji is justified when he praises the British colonialism and works in India. The British colonists are not only seen to be in India to fulfill their self-interest but also to help improve the living conditions and standards of the local people. By bringing to India open trade, enhanced public sanitation and health and improved infrastructural development (Tappan, 1918). The British colonialist also did help the locals by setting up a fixed land rates thereby, setting the locals free from the unwanted increase of land rates by the Mughal emperors. The British colonial powers did modernize the Indian economy bringing to an end of an economic era characterized by local welfare.
Modern History Sourcebook: The People of Canton: Against the English, 1842
            The article is based on the good features of India asserting that the development brought about by the colonial power is both significant and insignificant. The articles state that the British colonial powers were mostly interested in achieving their interest and were only interested in making changes in sectors that did favor them in one way or the other. These insinuatethattheset up of British colonialpower in India was not of greatsignificance. In some cases, the colonial rule turned to be ruthless while in somecases the implementation of the colonial rule was not an easy task
(Tappan, 1918).

            The article further asserts that the Indian community was flourishing even before the coming of the colonial powers. The local community leaders like emperors Kien-lung and Kia-king made the communities register development before they permitted the British colonialist to their territories.
            In my opinion, it may be a problem to quantify the achievement that can be directlylinked to the British colonial powers in the larger Indian population. Based on thearticle it would, therefore, be wrong to say that Indians were well governed by the British colonial masters. Even though they were seen to be civilized when Indians begun putting on clothes, eating on bowls brought by the colonial master and even staging their salaams to the British colonial masters 
(Tappan, 1918). Still Indians wereglued and were incapable of buying the already manufactured products brought to Indian markets by the British colonialists.




Tappan, E. M. (Ed.). (1918). The World’s Story: A History of the World in Story, Song, and Art. Houghton Mifflin Company.







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