! this java assignment | Computer Science homework help

! this java assignment | Computer Science homework help

IT 206 Spring 2014

Programming          Assignment  6         



            For example, if you use Global Variable or your solution does not use methods other than main – you will lose points for poor design.     


0          points            will     be       awarded for a program       that    does   not     compile.         There will            be       significant      point  loss     if         you     violate           good  design            rules   as        covered          in        class. 


Insurance Application


You are to create an efficient OO  application that implements an application to manage            clients within an insurance company. You should use an abstract       class to hold Policy     information. The policy number should be generated such that all policies    begin with      a4 digit ‘number’, the first policy number should be 1000. Homeowner policy      numbers should end in HO and auto policies should end in A. In addition to the policy     number, the customer’s name and valid phone number with no dashes (xxxxxxxxxx)         should be stored.      


Homeowner’s  policies           need   to        include           the      house’s           appraised       value  (between            $50,000          and     $1,000,000)    and     the      value  of        the      contents         of        the      house   (between        $10,000          and     $250,000                 not      to        exceed            25%    of        the            house’s           appraised       value.)                                    Car     insurance       policies           should hold     up       to        4         vehicles          (with   corresponding            model names            and     years              no       older   than    1990).                        


The      yearly cost     for      a         homeowner’s policy  is         $500   +         1%      of        the      appraised            house  value.             The     yearly cost     for      an       auto    policy  is         $250   for      each    vehicle that     is         less     than    2         years  old      and     $200   for      each   vehicle            that     is            at        least   two     years  old.    


Note:                there  are      no       multi-­‐policy discounts,       so        every  policy  is         a         unique            object.           


Your     application     should be       menu-­‐driven,           where the      user    is         given  the      following:           












The insurance company          can     manage          up       to        100     policies.                      The     summary            should include           all       information    for      all       policies           (including       name, policy  number,          phone number                   formatted       as        XXX-­‐XXX-­‐XXXX                 either appraised            and     content           values for      Homes            or        list      of        cars    for      Autos) as        well     as:      


§§Average       value  of        contents         for      all       homeowners  policies          

§§Number        of        high-­‐dollar   (at       least   $500,000        houses            insured)         

§§Total number          of        new    cars    (2014  models)          insured          





Design Documents    (due    in        Module           11):                 20       Points

Submit to the Blackboard  site a  detailed UML Class  Diagrams– including           associations,  IPO  (Hierarchy Chart)       ,  detailed  flowcharts            and/or pseudocode    AND a memory map.            


Solution  (due            in Module 12):  60 points      

Submit to the Blackboard site your .java files  ONLY           


0       points            will     be       awarded        for      a         program        that    does   not         compile         


Your    solution         score  will     depend          heavily           on        the     following:     

      Correct            use of Abstract data class   

      Appropriate inheritance structure 

      Correct            use of constructors 

      Validation  of values within            data definition  classes       

      Correct            methods  in Auto data  definition  class to manage          needs of        counting number of new cars and       listing cars in  policy           

      Correct            overriding  of            cost()  method from            abstract  Policy class           

      Use of ONE array of policies in the    implementation class           

      Sound design            using  appropriate   methods in application        class   – only menu provided in main()    

      NO redundant code in any of the classes!    

      Correct            output          

      Objective style documentation       

      Internal style documentation         

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