Sociology small assignment-950 words (see attached)

Sociology small assignment-950 words (see attached)

Part 1: 300 words, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. It should be written in APA format.

As you prepare to submit Milestone One, keep Jean’s specific case (Attached) in mind

Based on an analysis of the case study, prepare an introduction to your final project, your collaborative care guide. In your submission, be sure to include the following critical elements:

1.       Provide an overview of the clients’ needs. This should be based on your review of Jean’s case, above. Reflect on the type of client Jean represents.

2.       Identify research-based interventions and strategies to use with the client that you think will be most helpful to address her needs.

3.       Explain why these interventions and strategies were selected and why they are likely to be effective. What evidence supports your selection of the interventions and strategies you identified?

Where possible, cite scholarly research to support your work


Part 2: 300 words

Healthcare delivery involves the coordinated work of interdisciplinary teams. Here is a chance to examine the roles and tasks of team members. Using information provided in Chapter 4 of the textbook and your own research, create a list of different tasks and responsibilities that the various members of an interdisciplinary team might complete in their interactions with patients. Using the worksheet below, list at least two tasks for all roles and additional tasks for at least two roles.



Supervising Physician

Specialist Physician


Social Worker

Human Services Professional

Physical Therapist



Task 1

(All Roles)









Task 2

(All Roles)









Other Tasks

(At Least Two Roles)













Part 3: 250 words; double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. It should be written in APA format

How does public health measure up in your community? 

N/B: This is a private conversation between you and the instructor and thus you are encouraged to deeply explore the course concepts presented. A course journal in Blackboard is generally made up of many individual entries.


                Part 4: 300 words

Overview: This assignment constitutes the second step of your final project. You will examine and summarize the epidemiological factors surrounding your selected issue/topic (Topic is HIV/AIDs) Use table below to complete your submission.



Epidemiological Patterns


Epidemiological Causes


Epidemiological Effects


Social Determinants

(At Least Two)


Known Disparities


Questions/Comments for the Instructor (Optional)








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