1. Directions:
    Apology the subjoined questions in ONE distinct and neat disquisition.  First fir your disquisition assertion, then afford massive details as exemplification.  Instrument your sources with endnotes or footnotes.  Do referable succumb a bibliography.
    Question:  Discuss the flow of industrial America and fir the upbegin role of consummate and strive in the industrial sociality by 1900. Why did consummateist ideology beseem dominant by 1900 and how did it substitute sociality among the United States by 1900? (Among this apology bear-in-mind to conceive bearing axioms from the topics:  Reconstruction and the  flow of the upbegin activity in twain the South and West and the “Conquering of the West).  Conceive in your discourse axioms on the basic and primary components of the ideology of consummateism and how consummateist ideology conflicts with the ideology of individualism that had prevailed precedent to 1900?
  2. Instrument your exertion with either footnotes or endnotes.
  3. Use OPEN stax textbook, axioms from films, websites and beyond skilled sources.  
  4. First begin with your disquisition assertion and then instrument with massive and bearing details.