Respond to post | Human Resource Management homework help

Respond to post | Human Resource Management homework help

Read the below post and respond with at least 50 words

Participative leadership is one of the most common styles of leadership that produces the highest motivation and performance among employee. The participative leader is a style of leadership that consult their subordinates, solicit their opinions, and involve his/her team in decision making (McFarlin,178). As Tony Beckham mentioned in the video, a leader shared meaning, shared values, and welcome all the voices on the team to receive an equal opportunity. However, there is a flip side to everything; and participative approach stands no exception to it. One of the major flaws of the participative approach is the level time of the time that decision making slow down. Example, when a team is supposed to deliberate a specific problem and possible solutions, they need guidance and more time to help them to create a more structured solution when arriving in a decision. Time efficiency is still a problem.   

The possible solution for this problem, the leader would discuss the project with the subordinates and the team would decide on how and when specific projects and objects have done and who will be in charge of doing particular tasks, however, the leader would have full control on things such as project’s budget or if there is money involved. Another solution is to exercise growth motivation when an employee psychologically well and driven by universal grow this will excel in self-actualization, and this supports the idea participations satisfies a person’s level needs. I  believe the development of potential or even professional growth will be driving force to become an employee be more motivated.  


Beckham, T. (3/27/2011). Tony Beckham: Cross-Cultural Leadership. 

McFarlin D,  & Sweeney P. (2012).  Cross-Cultural Leadership. Effectiveness: Pulling Everything Together. International Organization Behavior  (pp 176-179). Routledge: New York, NY 

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