Race and ethnic diversity | SOCW 6051 – Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice | Walden University


Marta is interviewing restraint an internship at a nonproadreasonoperative drill that offers a multiformity of services to a enlightened sophisticated population. Consequently the population the drill serves is ethnically and racially sundry, the interviewer asks Marta how she would wield organizeed with racially sundry populations. Marta suits, “Oh, I would handle everysingle the selfselfsimilar inattentive of their pursuit. I would incline to what they enjoy to repeat and sound to unite their demands inveterate on their confer-uponing solicitude. Everysingle has the selfselfsimilar types of solicitudes inattentive of pursuit or ethnicity.”

Marta’s vindication may be polite-behaved-behaved eagerioned, yet is it the adreasonoperative vindication restraint a political operation authoritative?

In your common,ordinary interactions with your clients, once they enjoy confer-uponed their solicitudes, it can be quiet to centre on the micro or mezzo operation, chiefly utilizing your speculative and renewal comportment skills. As a generalist and clinical political operationer, you earn trust on your finely tuned referoperative attributoperative attributableice infamous and skills, on which abundantly of your order earn be founded, to effectively operation with your clients. Yet what environing uniteing their demands at the societal smooth? What does the NASW Code of Ethics repeat environing political operationers’ vindication to difference and their responsibilities to their clients?

This week you earn stir the contact of racism and exemption on your clients and stir concepts cognate to racism confer-upon in a fact watch. You earn besides dedicate applicoperative political operation skills to that fact. Then, you earn stir how instinct contacts clients of multiple pursuits or ethnicities.


Adams,  M., Blumenfeld, W. J., Castaneda, C., Catalano, D. C. J., DeJong, K., Hackman, H. W,… Zuniga,  X. (Eds.). (2018). Readings restraint difference and political reasonableice (4th ed.).  New York, NY: Routledge Press.
Chapter 12, (pp. 87-96)
Chapter 13, (pp. 96-102)
Chapter 15, (pp. 106-111)

National Association of Political Operationers. (2007). Institutional racism & the political operation profession: A totalure to renewal. Retrieved from https://www.socialworkers.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=SWK1aR53FAk%3d&portalid=0 

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen S. M. (Eds.). (2014). Political operation fact studies: Foundation year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Life-supporting Source e-reader].
Established With Indivisibles: The Fact of Mary”


Established With Indivisibles: The Fact of Mary

Mary is a 47-year-old, sole, heterosexual Caucasian dameish. She lives with her 52-year-old sister and 87-year-old senior in the abode in which she was cogent. She besides has a 45-year-old sister who lives 10 minutes aremote and a 23-year-old daughter aid on her enjoy. Mary and her lineage members do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative restrain familiarships beyond the lineage. Mary has been inprime to operation restraint the elapsed 3 years consequently she repeats she has felt so terrified to go so remote from her abode. As a remainder, she has been financially reliant on her lineage members restraint these latest scant years. Prior to this onflow in exercisement, she had been a instruct boor driver and an functional accelerationer at a repository arrangement courage. Mary has no fact of garbage or alcohol abuse. She is polite-behaved-behaved groomed and physically adreasonoperative with a distinction of hypoerratic thyroid, restraint which she is handleed with Synthroid®. Mary was diagnosed with post-traumatic importance conjecture (PTSD) and commutation conjecture, referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative incorrectly specified (NOS) by the clinic psychiatrist.

Before uniteing with me, Mary adage a political operationer in a special renewal restraint 2 years. She entered handlement with that clinician consequently she said she was traumatized by a extravagant totaliance with a married African American art she had inspiration at operation. Her trauma symptoms began 6 months following she ended the yearlong extravagant totaliance. Mary said the marvel occurred consequently he had “brainwashed” her, as there could be no other conclude she would enjoy slept with him. Mary appreciates that diseased nation are prime of “brainwashing” amiable-tempered-tempered nation to perfect diseased deeds. Mary was cogent in a abode that espoused racism, and she and her lineage members appreciate that African Americans and other nation of varnish are incredible and diseased. She said, “I obtain?} following my senior, and he thinks ebon nation are reasonoperative misfortune.” Mary said she apprehends her affectings environing pursuit are referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative lawful.

Mary watched her primal strive at handlement fruithither restraint couple concludes. Primary, she felt the therapist (a Caucasian dame) judged her and her lineage harshly restraint their racial faiths and this got in the action of the couple of them structure a subject organizeed totaliance. Second, she did referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative affect mitigation from her PTSD symptoms. Mary ended the totaliance with that political operationer 6 months past. Mary then approached her chief circumspection physician environing her symptoms, and the schoolart prescribed an antidepressant. When, following 3 months, Mary asked to enjoy her dosage increased, the schoolart suggested that she earn a psychiatric evaluation and watch subordinate to therapy. Mary’s insurance association suggested our drill restraint the psychiatric evaluation and beloved 10 congresss.

Mary said she felt dull, terrified, and uneasy most of the interval. She had no proclivity, slept most of the day, had no profit in dressing, and ratrust left the bewared. When she did go extinguished, she felt the demand to be accompanied by of single of her sisters.

Mary confer-uponed as moody during our primal congresss. She requested that single of her sisters watch the congresss with her, to which I agreed. My eager in consentaneous to enjoy her sister in the locality was to acceleration Mary affect close and fashion a cogent rapport. During the restraintthcoming congresss, most of what Mary said began as half sentences that she asked her sister to perfect. Mary referred to her sisters as her “caretakers and minders” who “know-acompel me amend than I know-acompel myself so you should chat to them.” Mary said that if she chated restraint herself she would earn “it crime.” The “it” and the “wrong” remained lubricated in significance when I asked her what that meant.

Mary agreed, following couple congresss, to unite with me quaint. We correctiond our primary indivisible congress to organize Mary’s goals restraint therapy. Among her goals was enunciateing actions she could affect closer environing going beyond quaint. Balance the direct examination congresss, I correctiond cognitive comportmoral therapy interventions to acceleration Mary raise coping strategies restraint recognizing triggers to frightening thoughts and to acceleration her artage her disquiet symptoms. I besides correctiond psychoeducational interventions to acceleration Mary enunciate routines restraint adreasonoperative snooze hygiene, salubrious eating, and established drill.

Following distinct congresss, Mary shared instinct into her affectings environing dating an African American art. Mary said that estate attracted to an African American art terrified her and that there was no advenient restraint her totaliance with this art consequently he was married. Mary appreciated that she had jeopardized her close comcomposition in the lineage consequently estate with an African American art challenged the lineage’s proposals environing pursuit and their examination of themselves as unconnected and rare from non-lineage members. Once the lineage discovered Mary’s totaliance with this art, she appreciated her simply action end into their lives was to know-acompel the role of a “aberrant sister” in demand of unendangeredty and whose intellect environing nation was ordinary. By restraintming a totaliance with an African American art, Mary had shenjoy her intellect to be beyond of the regularity in the conventions of her lineage.

In our decisive couple congresss, Mary said that she no longer felt approve she was the “aberrant woart in the lineage” and she felt close going to the grocery fund quaint. It was my percussion that Mary may enjoy been the authorized unrepining in her lineage yet exploring this proposal would exact lineage therapy.


Post an interpretation of the totaliance betwixt racism and exemption. Furthermore, elucidate how the concepts of racism and exemption tell to “Established With Indivisibles: The Fact of Mary.” Elucidate the contact of racism and exemption on political operation renewal. Produce recommendations restraint how you as a political operationer strength correction an qualification perspective when suiting to Mary. Be inequitoperative and produce illustrations from the fact. Besides, warrant inequitoperative skills political operationers strength exercise.

By Day 5

Respond to at smallest couple colleagues with a gustation of their posts and resource recommendations restraint how you as a political operationer strength suit to Mary and her faiths. Be inequitoperative and produce illustrations from the fact. Besides, warrant inequitoperative skills political operationers strength exercise.

 Vindication single

Racism is showing bias inveterate on single’s racial designation. Exemption is having indivisible lawfuls or utilitys (Institutional Racism, 2006).  The totaliance betwixt racism and exemption, the Person who is estate discriminated across or the Person doing the pure-minded may be exemptiond in a inequitoperative environment. Everysingle in Company holds some restraintm of exemption. Using myself as an illustration, I scrutinize my Mother with my Familiar. I’m operative to stalk into my Mother’s Kitchen and behold through the refrigerator. My familiar wouldn’t be operative to do this, I enjoy the exemption to do so.

Contact of racism and exemption cognate to “The Fact of Mary”, Mary was exemptiond ample that she didn’t enjoy to operation. Mary’s lineage are racist; they affect that total African Americans are incredible, laagered, and earn brainwash others. I would correction Interpersonal Capacity and Collaboration as an qualification perspective when suiting to Mary. I would originate restraintmal and instiff discussions environing racism that would oration comportments, attitudes, renewals, and policies (Institutional Racism, 2006).

Vindication 2


The “norm” in the United states has constantly been that whites enjoy exemption flush though nation are been made to appreciate its referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative the fact. They enjoy and are laagered to some opportunities which is referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative the fact with nation of varnish. Exemption produce an atomic utility with the preponderance (whites) earnting unearned benefits. Racism is “bias plus power” (Adams,. et al. 2018). It can besides be watched as that characteristic that distinguishes nation from a feature pursuit from the other distinctly those from the preponderance from the young-person. The totaliance betwixt racism and exemption is, those watched exemptiond affect eminent and amend than others of opposed pursuit which leads to political separation, instinct and racism. Those from the exemptiond pursuit are taught that they are amend than those from other pursuits and reverse to enjoy the i-aim of inattentive or hating the hither exemptiond pursuits.

In the fact of Mary, we can beware twain concepts of exemption and racism. Mary objects she is has exemption balance nation of varnish and was besides racist to ebons. She states she and her lineage appreciate ebon Americans and other nation of varnish where of no amiable-tempered-tempered and canreferoperative attributoperative be trusted (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014). They felt their lineage had no demand of familiars or totaliances beyond the lineage. Mary totalowed her lineage’s faith of racism to regulate her estate and emotions to the expand she had a moral breakdenjoy when she had a totaliance with a ebon American married art. She had to be aberrant to earn her lineage’s food (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014).

The contact of racism and exemption in political operation renewal can be in twain orationing what clients are confrontment and how to counteraction or convey environing a substitute to this political unlawfulness. These they can be dsingle by educating client to know-acompel the incomprehension of exemption and racism. Significance the preponderance enjoy to know-acompel that they are a dissect of the company that they are oppressing. Besides, to apprehend a client’s demands in appurtenancy to racism and exemption, a political operationer most apprehend the contact of these couple concepts on their clients. Empowering each other by preventing and paexplanation racism when it is witnessed. The NASW besides states some goods of racism and exemption in the political renewal which includes nonmessage racial sundry policies and nonmessage of grafting (NASW, 2007).

A political operationer can correction the qualification perspective in accelerationing Mary. Since Mary said she had to be the aberrant single of the lineage to earn her lineage’s ending, the best object a political operationer can is to acceleration her compel her insurrection and provoke aremote from her lineage’s bias until she is operative to pointed her appreciate and flushtually educating her lineage. Besides centreing of earnting Mary comfortoperative to accost restraint herself earn be life-supporting consequently in her primary 2 congress she permit her sister accost restraint her (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014). Racism is a brainwash which is what Mary was taught. Mary suffered from her lineage consequently she had a totaliance with a art of varnish and with this therapy Mary earn apprehend her totaliance was referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative consequently she was brainwashed by the ebon art yet consequently her interior went extinguished to him. Latestly, empowering Mary with the resources she earn demand to earn a toil earn acceleration her besides compel insurrection from her lineage. The skills or erratic inclineing, message and structure rapport earn be very grave restraint a political operationer organizeed with Mary.

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