phl/320week 4 reorganization and layoff: solutions paper select two

phl/320week 4 reorganization and layoff: solutions paper select two

PHL/320week 4 Reorganization and Layoff: Solutions Paper

Select two potential creative solutions for the problems you identified in the Re-organization and Layoff assignment in Week 2.

Write a paper of no more than 800 words to present the solutions and explain why each will work.

Include a summary of methods your teams utilized to develop the creative solutio

Describe how your team overcame barriers to deciding on the solutions.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.




1. Solution

Based on the summary from week 2, managers are not properly trained in laying off employees. Here are my suggestions on how to creatively solve this problem.

I think that managers should have to take some kind of team building classes to first build the morale and make them comfortable in their position. A lot of employees get promoted to manager without going through any training at all, so when the tough times come they do not know how to handle them. Layoff and termination training should not be clumped into the basic training, but have its own specified time. Maybe a few days. But this training should focus solely on how to handle layoffs and terminations. The training should consist of how to deal with the different personalities you may encounter when delivering the devastating news. Also the training should include how to show compassion without being overly apologetic. This is all a part of the job and although it is not something a manager wants to do, it is very necessary at times. Managers have to be able to separate being compassionate about the situation from being apologetic about it. You have to know that there are different stages the employee will go through once they receive the news from anger, grief, and the realization that the no longer have an income to support themselves or their families. A manager has to be prepared on how to deal with each one of these stages. I think that if all managers go through this type of training before starting the job and also throughout their career as a manger, then more layoffs and terminations will be handled properly.


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