Ms excel assignment- brand new company accounting system setup –

Ms excel assignment- brand new company accounting system setup –

       MS EXCEL ASSIGNMENT-   BRAND NEW COMPANY ACCOUNTING SYSTEM SETUP     ACCOUNTING   INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ACTY 3130)                              Objective: Create an accounting   system model in MS Excel to gather and record transactions and determine   account balances at the end of the period.               Narrative: It’s Monday, January   15, 2018 and you have just been hired as the accountant/bookkeeper for a   brand new company. The company   provides automoblie repair services and just opened last month. The owner was the only one fixing cars last   month as the company’s first employee didn’t start work until January 2,   2018.                You ask the owner what   software he uses to keep the accounting records and he tells you that he   hasn’t setup his records yet – he has only opened a business checking account   at the local bank. He also doesn’t   want to purchase accounting software right now, and asks you to use Excel   until he figures out what software to buy.               After thinking about   it for a few seconds you tell the owner that yes, you can setup his   accounting records in Excel. It’s a   little more work than using accounting software, but it can be done. The first thing you need to do is gather   information about the business transactions that have occured, then create an   accrual-bases Chart of Accounts and determine the journal entries to record   each transaction. Once you have all   the transactions recorded and the journals updated, you can prepare the Trial   Balance report that shows the balances in all the account journals. The owner is happy you know what to do and   asks you to have it completed by the end of the week so he can send the Trial   Balance report to his CPA to prepare the 2017 tax return. (Note: the CPA will calculate depreciation when   preparing the tax return and give you that journal entry, so you can ignore   depreciation now.)              Source data: The only source data   to be used to create this accounting system is the data provided within this   workbook.              Instructions: 1. Download this Excel file and complete your   work on this file. Do not delete any   tabs from this file, or the instructions on each requirement tab.               2. Follow the instructions on each requirement   tab to do the following: 1) Create a   chart of accounts, 2) Record the journal entries, 3) Prepare the account   journals, 4) Prepare the Accounts Payable subledgers, and 5) Prepare the   Trial Balance report.                3. Before submitting your completed   assignment, PRINT PREVIEW each worksheet and adjust the page breaks as   necessary to fit your work on ONE PAGE WIDE (multiple pages long is ok).               4. Submit this Excel file (readable by PC)   with each tab completed, file name BRANDNEWCO.XLSX.              Grading: Requirement 1- Create   Chart of Accounts   1     Requirement 2- Record   Journal Entries   1     Requirement 3- Account   Journals    1     Requirement 4- Accounts   Payable Subledgers   1     Requirement 5- Trial   Balance    1                Total points available     5                

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