Leadership with technology | Social Science homework help

Leadership with technology | Social Science homework help

Reflect on the required resources for Week Five, especially the articles from Edge (2012) and Wagner and Ice (2012) and your personal and professional experiences in relation to the points conveyed in the resources. Discuss how instructional design principles and theory influence the ability to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of learning and, especially, leadership. Use additional resources in addition to those provided with Week 5 to support your evaluation.  Providing specific examples or a scenario to illustrate your understanding of the question and incorporating opposing views to demonstrate critical thought is encouraged.

Hint: You might consider including a concept map with a tool such as Bubble.US to visually convey your understanding.

  1. Edge (2012, September 9). Reinventing society in the wake of big data. Retrieved from Edge: http://www.edge.org/conversation/reinventing-society-in-the-wake-of-big-data
    1. Exploration of the sociocultural changes occurring with the rise of “Big Data”, which informs any discussion of how large-scale data on learner and educator activities in and out of the classroom affect design for teaching and learning with technology. Video or text version available.
  2. Wagner, E., & Ice, P. (2012, July/August). Data changes everything: Delivering on the promise of learning analytics in higher educationEducause Review, 33-42. Retrieved from http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ERM1243P.pdf

      • Exploration of the promises, peril, and realities of use of data in educational contexts.


    1. Dabbagh, N. (2006). Instructional design knowledge base. Retrieved from http://cehdclass.gmu.edu/ndabbagh/Resources/IDKB/models_theories.htm
        • Provides a summary of major theories and models of instructional design with supplementary materials related to theorists and strategies.


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