interview project | Applied Sciences homework help

interview project | Applied Sciences homework help

Conduct an interview with a person who has grown up in or has lived in another culture to investigate how they feel that culture differs from contemporary American culture. Possible interview candidates include:
Immigrants to the US who spent their childhood in another culture 
Foreign exchange students visiting the US
Someone living abroad and returning to the US after a minimum of 1 year (if all else fails)

Questions should include:

1) Your main question is “What are the most noticeable differences you see between your culture (of birth) and the US culture?” They will tell you what they think is important- whether it’s dating or politics or freedoms, family, foods, etc.

2) You may want to ask “What do you miss about your culture? , “What is your opinion of US culture? “What do you like most/least?” “What do you wish Americans could know about your culture?”

3) Ask about things you’re curious about, eg. pass times, traditions or holidays, norms of dating, wealth standards, etc. Also you could ask about topics from class; family, economy, religion, food, etc. “What brought you to the US?” is also a good one, as well as “Do you want to go back?”

Do not write it as a straight transcript with only question and answers, but rather as a paper with your commentary. You can use some quotes but your paper should be in the form of an essay on your interview findings. A good paper will have 3-4 pages of information from your interviewee.
If you look up background info on your culture, be sure to include a bibliography 

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