I. select a word from the following list and fill it in to the

I. select a word from the following list and fill it in to the




I. Select a word from the following list and fill it in to the appropriate blank in the following sentences.  Each question is worth 6 points, total 60%


Aristotle, Cicero, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Paine, Plato, Rousseau, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Socrates.


Absolutism, Anarchy, Autocracy, Capitalism, Command economy, Communism,

Idealism, Justice, Monarchy, Natural Law, Philosopher Kings, Political economy, Realism,

Republic, Social contract, Socialism, Utilitarianism. Wisdom. Constitutional Powers,


The Republic, Politics, Leviathan, Utilitarianism, Summa Theologica, Social Contract, 2nd Treatise,


1. The argument of Plato’s _________________ is a search for ___________________as the basis of the city or State.


2. In Plato’s city and state or city/state, ____________________is a virtue that must be found in the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________.


3. Aristotle was a _________________________wrote __________________________.


4.  The multi armed Sea Monster is the concept image in______________________ written by _______________________.


5. The philosopher to bridge the gap between political Realism and Catholic Theology was _____________________________ in his work ________________________.



6.  An economy completely controlled by the government is called a _____________________ and is the basis of ______________________.



7.  John Stuart Mill  wrote__________________that advocated ______________________________.



8. An Agreement of the people on government policies is a _______ Contract advocated by ____________ in his writing __________________



9.  Man is his natural state is vicious and unruly according to ____________________ in description of ___________________



10. _______________________________ is the economic policy that is least controlled by a Command Economy.



II.Short Think piece 40% Short paragraph, or, two or three, sentence answers


The Social Contract theory and the Natural Rights of Man are political philosophes we have studied. 

1.Define Social Contract theory and include names of thinkers who advocated this policy.


2.Define Natural Rights of Man and include names of thinkers who advocated this policy.


3. In your opinion, has either of these of these theories influenced the policies advocated in current (2016) presidential debates? Give examples. If they have been ignored, say that too.



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