Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Discussion 2

E-Learning Case Studies


   Read the scenarios below and select three to construct a proposed solution.   Share your solutions with your peers in this forum. Make sure to respond to   at least two of your peers with insights, comments, and thoughtful   suggestions on ways to expand their thinking. 

  1. It’s 11 pm and the student        has just finished their reading on a new theorist. They don’t understand        the overall concept and want to seek out the help of other students in        the class or experts in the field. Without this help, they don’t feel        they can complete the assignment successfully that is due in two days.        How do you get sufficient help to this student to create a successful        learning experience? 
  2. There as an imbalance of        contribution in the class. Three of the students dominate the online        conversations and multiple students contribute the bare minimum, not        adding much value to the overall conversation. This may be due to        different backgrounds and knowledge bases. What strategies can you use        to ensure all students can contribute meaningful content and learn from        each other? 
  3. According to the course        outline, students need to be broken into teams during Week One to        continuously work on a final project. The students are spread throughout        the country with different schedules and availability. How do you        structure this to be an effective learning tool, rather than a burden of        coordinating schedules? 
  4. There is an online discussion        on a controversial topic and a couple of students have posted a comment        that has been taken offensively by another class member. How would you        handle this situation and what procedures would you put in place to        ensure “Virtual Etiquette”? 
  5. You have noticed that one of        the students is getting their responses from the content in the other        postings instead of giving their authentic and original responses. How        do you keep the people who post towards the end of the time limit from        “free loading” off of those who post early?