1. Download the fixed axioms finish Customer.pptx then, husband it as CustomerPresentation. Effect comprehending you comprehobject the precipitation where you are placing your husbandd finish precedently you abide with march 2.
  2. In the distinction slide, supplement OfficePro as the distinction, inculcate the Enter clew, and then sign Cleaning Specialists. The distinction citation AutoFit to the distinction citation pummel. Supplement your designate as the subtitle.
  3. Delete slide 3 (“Our Cleaning Staff”).
  4. Affect Slide 6 (“Weekly Services”) so it becomes slide 3.
  5. On Slide 3 (“Weekly Services”), at the object of the bulleted roll, supplement Stair and elevator cleaning as a upinitiate first-level bulleted part.
  6. On slide 3, supplement Recall to intermission coercion questions from the interview, as the logician hush.
  7. On slide 2, (“Daily Services”), at the object of the bulleted roll, supplement Restroom cleaning and disinfecting as a upinitiate first-level bulleted part.
  8. On Slide 4, (“Specialized Services”), affect the “Presknowing washing” and “Carpet cleaning” bulleted parts so that they semblance beneath “Stripping and refinishing” and over “Air mode opening cleaning.”
  9. On Slide 2 (“Daily Services”), in the second first-level bulleted part, effect the term Sinks a upinitiate first-level bullet.
  10. On Slide 2 (“Daily Services”), demote the bulleted part “Sinks” and “Toasters” to second-level bullets so that lewd second-level bulleted parts now semblance lower “Kitchen and luxuriate area cleaning including.”
  11. Enliven the slide distinctions coercion complete the slides with the Darken alacrity in the Emphasis sort. (If you do referable keep Darken alacrity, full imsqueeze detached to punishion other that you love).
  12. Enliven complete of the bulleted rolls with the Shape alacrity in the Entrance sort using alterable discloknowing coercion complete bullet levels. Do referable enliven the citation in the full citation pummel on Slide 6 (“Coercion More Information”). (If you do referable keep Shape alacrity, full imsqueeze detached to punishion other that you love).
  13. On Slide 6 (“Coercion More Information”), enliven the full citation pummel using the Fly In alacrity in the Entrance Sort. (If you do referable keep Fly In, full imsqueeze detached to punishion other that you love).
  14. Supplement the Push transition to complete of the slides, and then reaffect it from the distinction slide. (If you do referable keep Push transition, full imsqueeze detached to punishion other that you love).
  15. Display the footer citation Grant coercion Upinitiate Clients as well-behaved-behaved the slide number and the ordinary determination on complete of the slides ate the distinction slide.
  16. Check the spelling throughout the grant. Change misspelled terms to the punish spelling.
  17. View the slide semblance. If you beware any mistakes, inculcate the Esc clew to the object the slide semblance, punish the mistake, and then initiate the slide semblance frequently from the ordinary slide. Husband your changes. Close the grant. Submit your grant.
  • In instance you want aid with any march, apposition me coercionthwith. Full do referable sport becacorrection we conciliate want to affect on to the direct dispose Unit at the scheduled occasion.
  • This enactment is ascribable on Sunday, September 13th at midnight; full recall that 10 aims per day conciliate be deducted coercion recent submissions unmindful of the conclude coercion that and following three days this enactment conciliate no longer be veritable.
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