Crj 240 module 1 homework

Crj 240 module 1 homework

Directions: Read the instructions below and use the following steps to complete the assignment, which should be at least three pages in length.


1.            Step 1: Create a table with 10 of the following theories and models.  You must include the first three and choose seven additional entries from the list.


o     Rational Choice Theory

o     Positivism (Biological and Psychological)

o     Elliott and Colleagues’ Integrated Social Process Theory

o     Medical Model

o     Treatment Model

o     Justice Model

o     Crime Control Model

o     Balanced and Restorative Justice Model

o     Classical School of Criminology

o     Psychoanalytic Explanations

o     Sensation Seeking and Delinquency

o     The Psychopath

o     Reinforcement Theory

o     Sociological Positivism

o     Social Process Theories

o     Conflict Theory

o     Gottredson and Hirschi’s General Theory of Crime

o     Thornberry’s Interactional Theory


List the 10 theories and models down the left side of the table.  Across the top of the table, label the column headings as follows: Brief Description and My View.


2.            Step 2: For the Brief Description column, write a short description of the theory or model that is two to three sentences in length.


3.            Step 3: For the My View column, write one page giving your own opinion about this model or theory with at least one example to support your thoughts.  For the models, state why you think it works or does not work.  For the theories, state whether you think this is a valid theory for juvenile crime.  You can qualify your responses to special circumstances, if desired.


4.            Step 4: Save and submit your assignment.  When you have completed the assignment, save please submit a copy by following the Homework Assignment Instructions in iBoard.


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