Conducting research in the ashford library

Conducting research in the ashford library



A peer reviewed journal or article is an article or journal that has been reviewed by experts in the field and deemed to be worth reading by other professionals. Typically this is an extensive process in which reviewers are carefully vetted for expertise and professional experience. In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to examine a peer reviewed article and apply what you have learned to a professional scenario or activity.

Please refer to the following tutorials for guidance on conducting scholarly research at the Ashford Library:

Using a JIT Approach – Needs Assessment

Begin by reviewing the Final Project instructions located on the Week Six module page in our course. Next, complete the three steps of the following discussion activity.
Step 1: Research & Reflection
In addition to the course textbook, choose one additional scholarly resource from the Ashford University Library about application of the JIT approach using a technology solution. The article needs to come from a peer reviewed source (e.g., Journal) and be a full-text article. 

Tip: Suggested search keywords are “just in time training,” “ learning,” “just in time approach,” plus any keywords that relate to your chosen area of interest for your Final Project. You should then use this article(s) to support your response in the weekly discussion. Please specify the database where you located the article(s) as part of your APA citation.

Next, explain the Just-in-Time (JIT) approach in at least one paragraph including one specific example of a JIT approach to demonstrate your understanding. The explanation needs to reflect your synthesis of your readings and personal experience with JIT.
Step 2: Instructional Problems
An instructional problem is one that can be solved through the use of an instructional intervention, such as a JIT approach. In this step, you will identify a problem and propose solutions that involve technology. Reflect on the article from the Ashford University Library that you considered as part of Step 1 and identify an instructional problem that was addressed in the article using the JIT approach. Alternatively, you might instead identify an instructional problem that exists in your workplace that could be solved using the JIT approach. Examples of Instructional Problems suitable for a JIT approach: (a) learners struggling with the reasons for the requirement to attribute sources in coursework; or (b) managers at your organization do not submit monthly reports on time because the submission process is perceived as too cumbersome; or (c) some members in your military unit fail uniform inspections because they cannot remember the numerous policies surrounding dress code regulations.
Step 3: Instructional Solutions

Next, create a Solutions table that includes (1) a statement of the instructional problem you identified in Step 2, (2) a description of two possible technology solutions with a JIT approach and (3) provides a detailed rationale for your proposed solutions. Consider the following table as an example layout for this portion of your response.

Instructional Problem


Instructional Solution 1

(JIT Approach w/Technology)




(Instructional Solution 1)


Instructional Solution 2

(JIT Approach w/Technology)



(Instructional Solution 2)


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