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Write 3+ hours observation report on two siblings of age more than 3

   Students should locate natural settings for these observations (e.g., friend or family homes, child care settings, backyards, playgrounds, malls, senior centers, restaurants, etc.) in which there exists a strong potential for interaction partners to be observed. You are free to use relatives and/or friends! Students should observe each set of interaction partners for a […]

1st speech about 2 min

  st Speech Instructions This assignment is meant to be an easy first speech. We will learn more about you and you will learn how our assignments will be turned in for the semester.  The speech should be about 1-2 minutes in length. You will tell us a story that has happened to you at […]

Parent training workshop presentation | Psychology homework help

   Assignment Content Imagine you are asked to design an informational workshop for parents as part of an early intervention program to reduce the occurrence of juvenile delinquency in the community. Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that provides parents with general information to help them understand the role of parenting in protecting […]

Psychology, the development of children.

  Give one example of how caregivers influence their children’s language development. Your inspiration for this reflection might be from your own observations or perhaps how this process is portrayed through books, movies, or television. Reminder: be sure to check out the syllabus for a description of these reflection papers (e.g., reflections should be 250-500 […]

Stress, health, and social support

 a brief explanation of the effects of social support on the health condition. Then describe two populations that are at risk for reduced social support and explain why. Finally, explain two ways you might bridge the gap between the need for and utilization of social support for the populations you selected. Be specific.    Readings […]

Aligning stress management techniques with populations and emerging

   a brief description of the stress management technique you selected that was not covered in this course and explain why it might be effective. Then describe at least one possible barrier to the effectiveness of this technique and explain how you might address that barrier. Be specific. Then, post a brief description of the […]

Overcoming forensic psychology stereotypes in policing

 To prepare for this Discussion: • Review the following articles and think about the challenges and stereotypes forensic psychology professionals must overcome when encouraging police professionals to use psychological resources. • “Law Enforcement Preferences for PTSD Treatment and Crisis Management Alternatives” • “Characterizing Perceived Police Violence: Implications for Public Health” • “Helping First Responders Withstand […]

Initial psych | Psychology homework help

  The Research Paper Topic Proposal This week, you will submit your research topic proposal to your instructor for approval.  Begin by exploring topics in  developmental psychology. Reference your textbook, the weekly  introductions in your course, and reputable journal articles to explore topic ideas. Be sure to choose a topic that you are highly interested […]

Week 5 discussion psy | Psychology homework help

 For this week’s discussion, we will explore common mental health disorders. Select a disorder from the list below that you are not familiar with, meaning you or another person you know does not have this disorder. In other words, select a disorder that you would like to know more about. In your post: Identify the […]

Interview paper | Psychology homework help

   Interview a community college counselor. The paper must include the following: Abstract, Introduction (stating what will be discussed in the interview paper), Name and title of person interviewed, Background (work experience and work history), Current Work Environment, Career Services offered, Training, Current Client Population, Counselor’s Role, Personal Counseling Philosophy, Theory Guiding Counseling Practice, Assessment […]