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Local politics reflection paper | Political Science homework help

Unit VII Reflection Paper – (Use attachment) For this paper, you will attend a city or county council/commission meeting and present its topics, relevant discussion, and outcome. You will then provide an analysis of and response to the meeting and whether you agreed with the steps/actions taken by the council/commission, and explain why you agreed […]

American state and local politics

A privately owned island off the coast of Florida has been left to you by the eccentric owner who recently died. The island is large enough for several small communities to be developed. You want to start off on the right foot by establishing a local government, a judicial system, and a law enforcement system. […]

Federalism research paper | Political Science homework help

   PURPOSE:          At the heart of the constitutional debate was the issue of federal government vs. state government.  Do you believe in a strong national government, as James Madison argued in the Federalist Papers, or do you believe in stronger states’ rights, such as Thomas Jefferson supported? You will argue your opinion of these […]

Political geography paper (about eating america) 4 pages

The papers are designed to provide you a chance to do more in-depth research and develop a greater understanding of a specific region based on the readings and class discussions. By the end of the class session, your shorter papers will be combined into a larger, and more developed paper on your specific region. So […]

Response 1 db5a (75 words)

Which international relations theoretical perspective offers the strongest (and weakest) explanations for the democratic peace? Why? Determining which theoretical perspective offers the strongest and weakest explanation for democratic peace can be hard. Part of me is inclined to say every factor is equally important, but as the book states, “If everything causes something, nothing does” […]

Pol_goverment | Political Science homework help

   In a five-page (minimum) essay, explain and analyze the following: 1). From federalism to capitalism (huberman, jillson chapter 1, and the history book) A. Feudal society in an economy and the merchants B. The church in feudalism C. The Protestant Reformation, political and ideological D. The French Revolution  E. Emigration to the thirteen  colonies […]

Government and politic assignment | Political Science homework help

INSTRUCTIONS: For all your Reflection Assignments, you will need to show an understanding of the material presented on Canvas and I will be looking for your own analysis.  Your analysis should show some critical thinking and you should make sure to fully explain your responses. Please answer ALL of the following questions and answer ALL parts […]

Pol/115 assignment | Political Science homework help

 POL/115: American National Government Wk 2 – Congress & the President Paper or Presentation [due Mon] Wk 2 – Congress & the President Paper or Presentation [due Mon] Assignment Content This assignment is designed to help you think about how the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and examine how the presidency and Congress are functioning […]

Pol 300 cold war & us diplomacy

Assignment 1: The Cold War and U.S. DiplomacyDue Week 5 and worth 135 points Select a president from the table, “Presidents and Their ‘Doctrines,’” in Roskin, Chapter 6. Then write a three to five (3-5) page paper on the doctrine that a president used according to Roskin. Your research must include at least four (4) […]

Issue paper #1 | Political Science homework help

 Must be 5-7 pages in length and strictly follow APA 6th Edition format.   Each paper must reference a minimum of three scholarly articles.  Three is a minimum; therefore, three is minimally meeting the standard (C – grade).  More than three is required for maximum.   Other sources should be evaluated for their credibility (just because […]