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W2 assignment “religion in the ancient world” hs101 world history

Religion in the Ancient World Instructions: We have read this week about multiple religions and the way they fall into three broad regional categories: Asian, Mediterranean, and Mesoamerican. Much of our evidence for these religions comes from a broad range of historical records that include buildings, images, philosophical texts, songs, myths, and ritual temples. Consider […]

Scot | History homework help

First one:   Third Research Paper: Political Philosophies, the Age of Reason and Revolution   Arguably the most important event in human history during the past 300 years was the American Revolution. At its core, the American Revolution was the ideological child of the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment. European philosophers such as Hobbes, […]

Analyzing world cultures | History homework help

Media play a very large role in both the development and the perpetuation of cultural elements. You may never have watched a foreign movie or even clips evaluating other cultures. In this assignment, you will explore online videos or movies from a culture of your choice and analyze how cultural elements are presented, compared to […]

Womens art history | History homework help

Final Project: Online Exhibition   An authentic assessment measures your knowledge and your ability to analyze new material through a means other than an examination. In this course you will apply what you have learned to a real-life situation: you are an art historian working in a museum and you have been assigned to a project by […]

Film | History homework help

1.      Trace the development of the early documentary film career of Jean Rouch.  What were his objectives as an ethnographic filmmaker during the 1950s?  What formal techniques did he use to express these objectives?   2.      How did Direct Cinema succeed in transforming documentary filmmaking during the late 1950s and early 1960s?  Why did American […]

Lot of eight, history essays + id’s

I need these ID’s covered, just a paragraph each, identifying what it is and telling the significance of each person/place/thing within history at that time, and how it affected society.   Also, and which will take more time:  I need at least these eight short essays covered (at least a page, each).  All of them. […]

Has to be done on time, history assignment

1. How did African societies change as a result of increased contact with Europeans? 2. What enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs? 3. How did the arrival of Europeans affect relations among Native Americans in and around the Hudson River Valley? 4.Compare the founding and development of society in Virginia and Massachusetts Bay. 5.Compare […]

Mgt 498 week 3 dq 2

Multi-Week Discussion: What about organizational health? Please read the article and watch the video and comment. If you do not read McKinsey Quarterly please register it’s free.I’m not sure how many have you have seen the recent McKinsey Quarterly Article, “Organizational Health, the ultimate competitive advantage” but the authors present some compelling arguments for achieving […]

The history of reconstruction | History homework help

Background: Many Americans like to imagine the history of their nation as one of continual progress. While acknowledging that not all persons and groups enjoyed equal rights at all times, Americans often take it for granted that American history moves in only one direction: toward greater rights, greater freedom, and greater equality. This perspective makes it […]

Book report | History homework help

Assigned topic: “Book Report of The Environment in World History by Mosley” Designated source:    Stephen Mosley, The Environment in World History. New York: Routledge, 2010. ISBN-10: 041540956X What to do: In this book report, you should summarize the content of all the chapters, analyze and comment on the above book as a whole. For your […]