please read the instructions carefully then read the 5 article attached and write summery for each article individually. to write the summaries follow the below instruction carefully. under lined part is very important. thank you


How to read a research paper:


Presented here are the main results, findings, or conclusions of the study. This should not be just a listing of what was done, but rather what was found out.


Presented here is/are the purpose(s) of the study, i.e. what the investigator is trying to find out, and any background information, including citations from other relevant works, necessary to provide a basis for the study.

Materials and Methods

Presented here is the equipment, instruments, specimens, etc., that used and the techniques and methods used to carry out the study. This section describes with what and how.


Presented here are the findings of the study, i.e., the data obtained, whether it be observations, photographs, or numerical data. Graphic representations (Figures), tabular summarizations (Tables), and statistical analyses belong here. A brief text description usually accompany each figure or table with a proper citation of the figure or table.


Presented here are the interpretation of the results, conclusions drawn and hypotheses derived from the results. Consideration is also given to other papers on the subject relevant to the findings of the study.

Bibliography Assignment:

Each group has selected a topic for the group research project. Each group member should collect 5-7 references and present a typed (double spaced) 150-200 word summary for each of the references. The articles or reports should be relevant, and at least two should be relatively recent publications. The others may be older or historical works. Print out or photocopy the first page of each report you are going to summarize to include with your assignment. Your summary should address these three issues: 1) What did the investigators do and how did they do it; 2) What were the major findings or conclusions; and, 3) What is the significance of the publication. Your summary should be your interpretation of the article, not a series of cut and pasted statements from the publications. This assignment should help you collect literature for a research report on that topic. The bibliographies will be collected Thursday December 6th. Please note late reports will not be accepted, no exceptions!