At the of the organization is usually a mission statement. mission

At the of the organization is usually a mission statement. mission


This can included board members, employees, financial backers, vendors, and even cutomers. The missin statement explains the reason for the organization’s existence. Most strategic plans include the company’s mission statement.


Choose a company to analyze during this course. Follow its business and operational strategies by reviewing its Web site. You will be developing sections of a sample strategic plan for your selected comapny to find ways to increase internal efficiencies and production.


     400 – 600 words cities, references, and APA format


1. Explain your approach for detwermining the cause of the problem?


2. Explain the step root for conducting a cause analysis at it relates to the scenario.


3. Provide several alternatives to the direct supervisor on how to address the HR performance issue.


4. How does your company’s mission statement act as a guide for the company’s internal efficiencies?


5. How can a company redirect its internal efforts based on its mission statement?


Objectives:  Analyze the process of chang and how it can be effectively managed. 2. Apply a systernatic diagnosis to organizational situations.


      Professor Paul

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