Assignment questions to be answered

Assignment questions to be answered

Pleas help me answer these questions. Thanks!.


1- Congress has decided that it has the resources to create one additional administrative agency. You have been appointed to create the agency. What will the agency regulate? List the primary functions of all administrative agencies. How will your new agency meet those functions?


2- Define a trade secret and other protectable business information and articulate the various legal implications for misappropriation of that information.


3- How do you propose that everyone be educated on Cyberethics? Is this something that should be in school, home, our legal regulations?


And whenever we talk about ethics, who’s ethics do we accept? Certainly some things are illegal, but that is a matter of law, not ethics.


So what or whose ethics would you propose?


4-  Agencies are generally formed because there is a large area of in need of regulation that is highly specialized, or takes a specialized knowledge.


The power comes from the legislature. If an agency is not formed, the legislature continues to regulate it and write laws for it. Therefore it is not necessary to have an agency. But it certainly does make certain areas of regulation run much more efficiently.


For instance the IRS. Many people see that as over bearing and complicated. Can you imagine if Congress had to deal with all of that too? Nothing else would be done! 🙂


What other areas can you envision in need of an agency?

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