A plan for culturally responsive advocacy leadership

A plan for culturally responsive advocacy leadership


In 2010, House Bill 2281 (HB 2281) became a state law in Arizona. While advocates for the law indicated it was intended to promote school curriculum guidelines that would engender a cultural climate supportive of the United States, opponents identified the law as an attempt to eliminate ethnic studies programs in schools they viewed as culturally responsive and contributing to the achievement of various ethnic groups. In particular, the Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Unified School District was viewed as an intentional casualty of the law.

Key to being a change leader is utilizing advocacy skills to advance positive social change. For this Assignment, you will develop an advocacy plan that responds to the following scenario:

You are an education leader who believes that HB 2281 was not a positive social change for students. To keep similar bills from being passed in other states, you have been selected to help develop an advocacy plan to repeal the Arizona law and to have ethnic studies and multilingual education supported in Arizona and elsewhere in the United States. If you work outside of the USA, please address the needs of students in your locality.  Develop an advocacy plan.  The document to use is attached.

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