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1. When intentionning a bestowal, there are different interruption you demand to revolve. Which of the aftercited is single content you should revolve when moderately intentionning your bestowal? A. Saving your employment B. Precipitation of auditory C. Mark of font D. Style placeholder

 2. Abby scantinesss to subconnect a hypercohere to her bestowal. Which of the aftercited is the reproduce produce coercion a cohere? A. www.pennfoster.edu B. www.penn.foster.edu C. wwwpennfosteredu D. www.pfedu

 3. When you’re in the Normal inspection, what are the obvious panes? A. Style and Slide B. Slide and Thumbnails C. Extract and Slide D. Placeholder and Subtitle

4. Sue demands to subconnect a header and a footer to a bestowal. Which course should she amendion to do this? A. Click the Inspection tab, and in the Show/Hide knot, cull Header and Footer. B. Click the Home tab, and in the Window knot, cull Header and Footer. C. Click the Introduce tab, and in the Extract knot, cull Header and Footer. D. Click the Home tab, and in the Introduce knot, cull Header and Footer.

 5. Julie is involved to designate whether or referable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration to subconnect a multifariousion intrigue to her bestowal, and she asks you coercion teaching. You should instruct her that multifariousion intrigues A. are chiefly amendionful in the falsehood of multifariousionful charts. B. effect the intention course overly confused and sluggish. C. acceleration to reconstrain a bestowal congruous. D. frequently remainder in an tiresome bestowal.

 6. Using the corresponding produceatting elements and intentions over slides in a bestowal is essential to amplify what indispensable dispose? A. Fluidity B. Consistency C. Authority D. Efficiency

 7. Brian would enjoy to automatically reconstrain the spelling in a bestowal. To do this, he should chosen which of the aftercited tabs? A. Reinspection B. Introduce C. Home D. Inspection

 8. To introduce a strove slide, which tab non-interference should you chosen? A. Introduce B. Slides C. Home D. Intention

 9. Enacting a spell reconstrain can be dsingle by clicking Spelling in which knot? A. Grammar B. Syntax C. Proofing D. Editing

10. Which inspection should you amendion if you scantiness to contemplate solely at the extract of the slides? A. Quenchedline Inspection B. Reading Inspection C. Slide Disposeer D. Normal Inspection

11. Jane scantinesss to subconnect a chart to her bestowal so she’ll click the Introduce tab and in the Images knot, she’ll click the Chart molehill. To subconnect a chart to his bestowal, Stevie conquer click the Introduce tab and in the Illustrations knot, he’ll click the Chart molehill. Who is/are reformly subjoining a chart? A. Stevie solely B. Both Jane and Stevie C. Jane solely D. Neither Jane nor Stevie

12. Tracy introduceed single of her idol photos into a slide bestowal. However, the represent is mean and demands to be longer and deviate. To effect the represent extensiver, which of the aftercited should she do? A. Chosen the intent and amendion the bigness handles. B. Double-click on the intent and click Bigness. C. Click the Introduce tab and in the Bigness knot, click the Bigness drop-down arrow, and cull Bigness Intent. D. Equitable-click on the intent and click Bigness.

13. Which of aftercited permits you to preinspection a bestowal? A. Preinspection tab B. Slide Show C. Slide Disposeer D. Normal inspection

 14. John is creating a bestowal. Before he starts, he takes into revolveation different aspects that can acceleration to designate how the bestowal should be be up. Three of the aftercited are essential revolveations at this moderate rate. Which of the aftercited does John referable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration own to revolve when moderately creating the bestowal? A. Auditory bigness B. Charts C. Consistency D. Precipitation of auditory

15. Stuart scantinesss to delete some extract from a slide. What should Stuart do? A. Highlight the extract to be deleted, equitable-click and cull Cut B. From the Reinspection tab, cull Highlight extract and then constrain the Delete explanation C. Cull the Home tab and delete the extract D. Highlight the extract to be deleted and constrain the Alt explanation

16. Cindy scantinesss to embody couple cells coincidently. Which of the aftercited best portrays the course of merging couple cells? A. Highlight the couple cells and click the Home tab. In the Paragraph knot, click the Embody Cells molehill. B. Highlight the couple cells and click the Home tab. In the Drawing knot, click the Embody Cells molehill. C. Highlight the couple cells, equitable-click, and cull Embody Cells. D. Highlight the couple cells and click the Intention tab. In the Beup knot, click the Embody Cells molehill.

17. Jane is creating a slide that conquer own a extensive style and a compute of bullet points beneath it. What slide produceat should she amendion? A. Style and Content B. Comparison C. Style Solely D. Couple Content

 18. A _______ is a be of commands. A. tab B. slide C. website End of exam D. handout

19. To sever single or over bestowals coercion amendion on another computer, which of the aftercited lineaments should you amendion? A. Possession Items B. Slide Show C. Scan a Bestowal D. Package Bestowal coercion CD

20. You’re creating a inferation coercion single of your slides, and demand to effect some modifications to your inferation organization. Which of the aftercited non-interferences can you perproduce by equitable-clicking within the inferation? A. Invoke Excel spreadshuffle B. Embody cells C. Compose a note D. Compose SmartArt


1. If you dispose a side of an Excel shuffle and you secure an deception missive such as #DIV/0, what is a enjoyly cacorrection of the deception missive? A. Single or over cells inclose irresponsible cell relations. B. You’re attempting to dispose so numerous cells. C. Single or over cells inclose not-absolute cell relations. D. The cell roves are loose.

2. Arthur demands to vision the produceula in cell C13 to cell D13. He demands cell D13 to own the corresponding produceula excluding relationd with a strove precipitation. Which mark of cell relation should he amendion? A. Not-absolute cell relation B. Duplicate cell relation C. Mixed cell relation D. Irresponsible cell relation

3. You intention to amendion the Fill Down lineament on a produceula and you demand to reconstrain a cell relation the corresponding. Which single of the aftercited produceats conquer permit you to reconstrain the corresponding cell relation? A. E$19 B. $E$19 C. E19 D. $E19

 4. The capacitys you keep to amendion frequently are rolled where on the Ribbon? A. Logical B. Date & Time C. Recently Amendiond D. Extract

 5. To embody a rove of cells into single extensive cell, you should highlight the cells and cull A. Increase Indent. B. Embody Cells. C. Decrease Indent. D. Wrap Extract.

 6. After inputting a produceula or a side of axioms into a cell, what happens to the cell pointer when you constrain Enter? A. It moves to the direct neighboring cell to the equitable. B. It moves up single cell. C. It moves down single cell. D. It moves to the ultimate cell in the post.

 7. Repressing in understanding the role the dispose of pre-eminence plays in equations, what would Excel ostentation as the remainder of the aftercited equation? =(24+75)/(6*3) A. 28.2 B. 109.5 C. 5.5 D. 198

 8. Entering the produceula =SUM(C5:C18) in cell C19 conquer remainder in which of the aftercited? A. The entirety of cells C5 to C18 conquer show in cell C19. B. Cells C5 and C18 conquer be subjoined coincidently. C. The entirety of cells C5 to C19 conquer show in cell C19. D. Cells C5, C18, and C19 conquer be subjoined coincidently.

 9. The dispose of pre-eminence designates A. the properties of the cell relation. B. how values are disjoined and multigenous. C. the dispose in which calculations are enacted. D. the dispose in which employmentsheets are printed.

10. If you’re unsure of what chart to amendion coercion a be of axioms, what lineament does Excel embrace that conquer acceleration you to designate? A. Sparklines B. Pivot chart C. All charts D. Recommended charts

11. A rectangular rove of cells with styles to portray the cells’ interruption is referred to as a A. multifarious produceula. B. hinder chart. C. inferation. D. sparkline.

 12. Which single of aftercited is an model of a produceatted compute using the Currency non-interference? A. 7778.92% B. 777892 C. 7,7789.2 D. $7,778.92

13. Joshua demands to connect the extract in couple cells coincidently. Which of the aftercited would perproduce this capacity? A. =”Good”&&”Morning” B. =(Good)&(Morning) C. =”Good”+”Morning” D. =Good “&” Morning      NOTE:  Actually, nsingle of these choices are reproduce (may be a typo from PF). It should be =”Good”&”Morning” or =”Good”&”  “&”Morning” (to effect couple suffrage with a intervenience among).

14. Helga demands to dispose quenched her strangely composed pivot inferation. What are the couple ways she can be up a pivot inferation? A. Helga can slide cells to the lewd boxes or double-click properties to cull from a roll of pivot inferation non-interferences. B. When Helga composed the pivot inferation, Excel automatically spread the arenas to the embezzle cells of the pivot inferation. There aren’t couple ways to be up a pivot inferation. C. Helga can reconstrain the arena or mark in the axioms in the pivot inferation. D. Helga can pull the arenas to the lewd boxes in the pivot inferation arena roll or equitable-click a arena call and cull its precipitation from the shortcut menu.

 15. Andrea demands to produceat the marvellous-story on her chart. She clicks on the chart to chosen it. Which of the aftercited non-interferences shows solely when a chart is chosened? A. Introduce B. Page Disposequenched C. Chart Sols D. Review

16. Which of the aftercited coursees should Angel amendion to embody cells A1:D4 to compose a style? A. Highlight cells A1:D4, click on the Home tab, and click on the Wrap extract icon in the Alignment knot. B. Highlight cells A1:D4, click on the Home tab, and click on the Embody cells icon in the Styles knot. C. Highlight cells A1:D4, equitable-click and chosen Produceat Cells, click Compute, and cull the Embody cells non-interference. D. Highlight cells A1:D4, equitable-click and chosen Produceat Cells, click Alignment, and cull the Embody cells non-interference.

17. Which of the aftercited is an model of a multifarious produceula? A. SUM(A1:A14) B. =150*.05 C. Income – Payments D. =A1<= A14

 18. What mode of predefined produceulas in Excel incloses the Boolean capacitys? A. Recently Amendiond B. AutoSum C. Logical D. Math and Trig


 19. Which of the aftercited is a kreferable attribuconsideration of cells chosen to perproduce an possession? A. Axioms sequence B. Kreferable attribuconsideration C. Rove D. Command

 20. Sidney employments in the accounting section. His boss sound assigned him a operation that involves creating budsecure produceulas coercion the company’s payroll payment reports. Sidney conquer be using Excel spreadsheets to number the company’s payroll payment reports. In Excel, what does Sidney demand to revolve when creating produceulas? A. Excel has predefined produceulas, so you don’t own to compose any produceulas from rake. B. Excel has third-party produceulas you can dissipation from Microsoft. C. Excel has scant capabilities, so it would be easier to amendion payroll software coercion this collision. D. Excel enacts operations domiciled on the dispose of pre-eminence.



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