4-6 page corporate resonsibility markeing campaign

4-6 page corporate resonsibility markeing campaign

CSR Media Campaign
Develop an advertising/public service/media campaign for the CSR initiatives for the company you selected for the Final Project.
In this assignment, you are to address the following, utilizing the headings below in the body of the paper. You must cite all facts from research. At least two outside resources must be used. Suggested assignment length (not including cover page and reference page): 4–6 pages.
 Provide a synopsis of the company and the CSR initiatives upon which you intend to focus during this media campaign.
 Describe the objective of the ads. What is the message that you are trying to convey?
Media and Audience
 Describe the media you would you use for each CSR initiative in the campaign. Describe the target audience for each CSR initiative in the campaign.
 Describe the strategies for implementing the campaign.
 Summarize the importance of communicating CSR initiatives to stakeholders.
 Include a separate page of APA formatted references. Cite at least two resources. There should be no items listed in the references that were not included in the body of the paper as in-text citations.


Will give company after handshake.



Must be:


Received on or before deadline


Written at graduate level


Written in American English


AP format with references


Able to pass Turnitin


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