Application of Robotics
Assessment 3 Guidelines
It is an individual assessment

Assessment type
Topic : Report (2,000 words) and presentation (10 minutes).
: Application of Robotics (you may choose anyone industry application).

Assessment purpose : Produce a report evaluating Robotics technology industry applications agreed
with the lecturer in Week 6. The report may include the history and development of Robotics. The size
and growth of current Robotics market. The advantages of Robotics, its impact on the Robotics and other
industries and the modern civilization. The challenges/disadvantages of Robotics. [This assessment
contributes to the learning outcome c and d.]
Value: : 35% (Report 25%; Presentation 10%)
Due date : Report submission: Week 11. Presentation: Week 10-11 – 19 September 2021
Task details:
Part A: Report
The report on application of Robotics must be written in a business report format and should include at
least the following sections:
1. Cover page, executive summary, table of contents.
2. Introduction – Brief what Robotics is all about.
3. Main body:
a) Describe applications of Robotics and benefits to organisations (various industries/ businesses).
b) Identify government policies/guidelines and rules related to Robotics.
c) Give examples wherever possible.
d) Outline potential impact of the technology:
i) How Robotics disrupts or impacts the industry and /or IT?
ii) How Robotics impacts on ethics, law and society?
iii) How Robotics impacts businesses, IT departments, CIOs and IT professionals?
4. Summary and conclusion: Provide your overall evaluation of the potential benefits of Robotics
along with any associated issues and the likely timeframe for adopting this technology by
organisations/ industries.
Part B: Presentation
Present the summary of your report in a PowerPoint format. Use more visuals and fewer words.
Submit the completed report and PowerPoint presentation on Moodle.

Assessment 3 Guidelines for Robotics Application

It is a unique evaluation.

Type of evaluation

Topic: 2,000-word report and presentation (10 minutes).

: Robotics in Practice (you may choose anyone industry application).


The goal of the assessment is to: Produce a report on the industry uses of robotics technology that has been agreed upon.

in Week 6 with the professor The history and development of robotics may be included in the report. The scale

Regarding the present Robotics market’s growth The benefits of robotics, as well as their impact on robotics and other fields

Industries and modern society are intertwined. Robotics’ obstacles and drawbacks. [This assessment]

adds to c and d learning outcomes.]

35 percent of the total (25 percent for the report; 10% for the presentation)

Date of submission: Week 11 is the deadline for submitting reports. Weeks 10-11 – 19 September 2021 (Presentation)

Task specifics:

Report (Part A)

The Robotics Application Report is a document that describes how robotics can be used in a variety of