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There is no word limit as it is a mathematical question paper. This coursework requires you ti use agenarisk software wich can be downloaded from send the agenarisk files and one the images separately with the solutionFrom the Times, January 30th 2003: “Sally Clark, the solicitor jailed for life for murdering her two baby sons, left court a free woman yesterday after her conviction was overturned. Yesterday three appeal Court judges ruled that the conviction was unsafe because vital evidence that could have cleared her had been kept secret from her defence team” and the national press. Your task is to build a Bayesian Network model to illustrate and inform your decision about whether a hypothetical mother, Mrs X, is guilty of murdering her two sons, child A and child B, or that they both died of sudden infant death syndrome (sids). The attached sheets ask you a number of questions for different scenarios that you should be able to answer when you have built the BN and run it on the AgenaRisk software. Your answer should be prepared using a word processor (preferably MSWord) and submitted electronically. You must use AgenaRisk to calculate your answers and need to show screen dumps of the answers as calculated by AgenaRisk. Any BN diagrams should be done using AgenaRisk and pasted directly into your wordprocessed document (in AgenaRisk you can dump jpegs). Node probability tables (NPTs) cannot be copied and pasted from AgenaRisk so you will have to provide a screen dump of these from AgenaRisk. This coursework is marked out of 100 and counts for 15% of the final mark for the module.


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Because this is a mathematical question paper, there is no word limit. This coursework needs you to use the agenarisk software, which can be downloaded here. Please provide the agenarisk files and one of the photos with the solution separately. The following is an excerpt from the New York Times of January 30th, 2003: “Sally Clark, the attorney who was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of her two young sons, was released from prison yesterday after her conviction was overturned. Three appeals court justices concluded yesterday that her conviction was unconstitutional because “important material that may have cleared her” was kept hidden from her defense team and the public press. Your objective is to create a Bayesian Network model to help you decide if a ficti